New Beginnings

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It has been a few months now since my website disappeared. It wasn’t meant to disappear. It’s just that my web-host deleted it. In fact, they deleted every website they were hosting.

It felt a little like the time my fruit-named smart phone (not to mention any names) decided to pack it in, along with hundreds (ok, probably thousands) of photos of my youngest child’s first year in the world. A little like it, in that both times I failed to have backed-up my data. But not quite so heartbreaking.

But rather than lament the years of writing and tweaking and back-of-house development, and trying to re-do the whole thing over, I’ve decided I’m going to start afresh.

I think it’s for the best. I’ve moved on. It’s no you it’s me.

It feels a little like my online relationship is beginning over again, so I’ve decided to embrace this as an opportunity for new beginnings, and for redefining my business and personal goals.

With a passion for unique, couture dressing, I turned a life-long love-affair into a profession when I moved to London in 2009.  Since then I have been designing and making bespoke wedding gowns and evening wear in South West London for my eponymous label. I have lived, breathed and dreamt wedding gowns, wedding designers, wedding blogs and wedding and fashion trends in my current role for the past seven years.

However, I had never quite made my foray into the blogging scene myself.  Until now, that is.

Here you will find everything that fills my days, including front-of-camera looks, behind-the-scenes dramas, inspiration, current projects, tutorials and patterns.

Welcome to my world. Thanks for joining me. Pop your slippers on, settle in, and enjoy.

Lisa x

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