Linen Placemats with Fabric Offcuts

Here’s a great project to undertake with your beautiful fabric offcuts. All you need is half a metre to make four lovely placements. Or better still, a metre will make 8!

Here, I’ve used a woven linen with an Ikat design. I made a Linen Apron pattern for a class I’ll be teaching soon at Loving the Fabric on Richmond Hill. The lovely fabric was from Gay’s beautiful treasure trove at Loving the Fabric. The off-cut was 50 cms long, and the fabric was 145 cm wide.

I  N  S  T  R  U  C  T  I  O  N  S

20170919_160330| O N E |

Divide the Fabric into four pieces measuring . Fold in half, selvedge to selvedge. Press lightly and cut down the fold. Trim the selvedge edges away, and fold in half again. Press lightly, and cut down the fold.


You should now have four rectangles of roughly the same size.

| T W O |

Start pulling away the threads from all the cut edges, one thread at a time, until the raw edges of the hem become a nice fringe.

20170917_140810| T H R E E |

If the rectangles weren’t cut perfectly on the warp and weft and they’re a little wonky, don’t worry. Keep pulling threads away until the fringes of the shortest edges are 1 cm wide, and trim the edge to the same width with scissors (or you could use a rotary cutter) once you are happy with your fringe width.

20170917_141006| F O U R |

Give them a good iron, and enjoy!


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